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Bys Eyeshadow Palette Peach

This is a beautiful Peach eyeshadow palette with a tin with mirror applicator 12 shade, perfect for everyday or time-frame pieces, bys, nude eyeshadow palette includes a strong jawbreaker color and a satin finish. With its satin finish and strong jawbreaker color, by eyeshadow powerhouse Peach eyeshadow peerless for everyday and time-frame pieces, this palette includes an 12 shade, making it top-notch for all day long applications.

Bys Eyeshadow Palettes

This Bys eyeshadow palette is unequaled for lovers who desire to put their eye color on top of the lid and create a more look, the matte colors will give you a look that is all over the lid, while the metallic shades will give your eyes a look. This palette comes with a mirror applicator which makes it facile to put your eyeshadow on top of the lid, the Bys eyeshadow palette is a top-of-the-heap substitute to become stylish with just a few eyeshadows. This palette contains 12 shades that are both matte and metallic, it comes with a mirror applicator and makes it straightforward to go with looks. This Bys eyeshadow palette comes with a tin with an 12-step mirror applicator, it contains the following shades are light and basic to work with, making them a top-notch alternative org shoppers. This b lawrence eyeshadow palette is full of colors that will make you stand out from the rest, with its bright Peach colors, you'll be able to show your best personality without having to wear anybody specific makeup.