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Bys Matte Eyeshadow Palette

This Matte eyeshadow palette by Bys is a valuable surrogate to padd your appearance without adding any further stress, the eyeshadow palette includes a choosing process and multiple shades allow you to create a beautiful look without trying too hard. The tin collection offers either a mirror-and-skelter design or a single mirror-only version, either way, the eyeshadow is facile to apply and the Matte look.

- 20 Matte And Metallic Eyeshadow Shades
+ Mirror

BYS 12 Color Nude Smokey

By Eyeshadow


Matte Bys Eyeshadow Palette

The Matte Bys eyeshadow palette by applying a bit of the primer in your hands can give you that fantastic finish for your makeup, this palette contains 12 Matte eyeshadows with a metallic finish. This Bys Matte eyeshadow palette is a practical surrogate for shoppers searching for a high-end eyeshadow set, made from high-quality materials, Bys 24 g nude exposed eyeshadow palette features a beautiful tin mirror applicator to blend and blend out shadows with ease. This eyeshadow palette is an outstanding substitute for fans of Matte shades, sixilogy's Bys eyeshadow palette features an 12 2 x applicator - Matte 12 42 oz set. This gives you everything you need to get started with your colors, this Bys Matte desert palette is first-rate for applying your eyeshadow over your face with the help of your fingers. The eyeshadow is a mix of hot black, onyx, and black arlington, which will give you a splendid look for any type of face, the buffered black 100% natural oil gives the eyeshadow a very smooth and even texture.