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Flower Beauty Shimmer & Shade Eyeshadow Palette

This high-end eyeshadow palette is perfect for fans of ground-breaking fashion designer fenty hair and appearance artist tanya these with its shimmer and shade identities along with his unique style, you can achieve the look with ease. With 26 shimmering and five shade varieties, this eyeshadow set gives you an excellent way to highlight your eyes and play up any look.

Flower Eyeshadow Palette

If you're looking for an amazing eyeshadow palette that will make you look your best, look no further than the flower eyeshadow palette! This book-based palette features over 20 eyeshadows made with favorite ingredients, such as blush, eyebrow pencil, and brush. Each eyeshadow is named after a natural flower, so you'll have everything you need to create that perfect look. And if that wasn't enough, this book has also got an extra palette (thunder), made with red, black, and white eyeshadows. If you're looking for an amazing eyeshadow palette, look no further!

Flower Beauty Eyeshadow Palette

The flower beauty eyeshadow palette is a great way to now have beautiful eyeshadows for a variety of looks. Contain 9 colors making it perfect for all your beauty needs. this is a beautiful flower beauty shader & shade eyeshadow palette that is perfect for looking your best natural looking. There is a lot of beautiful shades to choose from, from the brightindigo through to the this beauty palette is perfect for looking for some shimmer and shade eyeshadow looks. The flower beauty shimmer and shade eyeshadow palette. We love the way this palette can give you a little of everything, whether you are looking for a pretty eye look, a bit of color for your hair look, or just something to add to your look. The eye shadow is different every day so you can keep your look varied and interesting, which is always a plus. the flower beautyshimmer & shade eyeshadow palette features three highlighters with a shimmer to give your makeup look that extra bit of pop. The palette also includes five shades for every type of skin type, making it the perfect way to reach for when you're looking for a nourishing bob styleshadow.