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Glitter And Matte Eyeshadow Palette

The amor us reminder eyeshadow palette is an exceptional alternative to keep your eyeshadow pigment fresh, this palette includes a minimum of 32 shades, making it facile to find the right look for your self. With a Matte finish And an affordable price, this eyeshadow is sure to please.

bareMineral Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette-Dusk Damaged And Some Cracks
Matte, Shimmer And Glitter Eye

Annette 69 x Beauty Creations

By Beauty Creation


Women Face Makeup Shimmer Beauty Creations And More!

Lot Of 14 Eyeshadow Palette

By Eyeshadow


Pat McGrath Labs Mothership Shade Throwing And Eye Ecstasy MMXVII
With Matte And Shimmer Colors. 48 Color.

8 Glitter Eyeshadow Palette With

By Femme Sexy Cosmetics


*ready To Ship*
bareMineral Bounce & Blur Eyeshadow Palette-Dusk LOC  3 B
- Too Faced And Colourpop Bright Colors New
Solid And  Glitter  Shades


By Amor Us


Glitter Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

This Glitter shimmer eyeshadow palette is a splendid way for a shopper hunting for an affordable And quality eyeshadow set, this set comes with 9 Matte eyeshadow shades And a kit that includes shimmer, powder, And light hues. The eyeshadow shades are joy, lullaby, starburst, final product, And all of which are available in more than one color, the palette is also available as a stand alone set or as a kit with the corresponding shades. The mac rockin rebel eyeshadow And highlighter palette is an unique And limited edition palette that offers a Matte quality with Glitter And a higher 13% holdings what's more, it's unsatiated on a one handed design which makes it effortless to hold And contain you how to use: first, use the highlighter under your hand to create a light to mid brown or brown undertone, to add a bit more life to your look, use a light hand with the rockin rebel eyeshadow to be a bit more dark brown or black. Secondly, use the rockin rebel eyeshadow to create a brown under-side And top off with the highlighter to add a bit more life to your brown look, And lastly, use the rockin rebel eyeshadow to create a black under-side And top off with the highlighter to add a bit more black life to your look. This bright And funky eyeshadow palette is a best-in-class way for any up-and-coming makeup artist, with a Matte look And a glitter, lancome palette is an eyeshadow set that will make you look like your best friend. The high quality seal ensures that your makeup always smooth, Matte And effortless to take off, the nude fantasia 32 color eyeshadow And Glitter palette is an unrivaled tool for a suitor who wants to add a touch of nude flavor to their look. With 30 beautiful And to-the-point shades, Glitter eyeshadow 9 colors Matte makeup kit shimmer eye shadow palette provides an opportunity for everyone to get a little bit of vanilla flavor without too heavily focusing on one specific flavor, whether you’re wanting to add a little bit of color or you are in the mood for some intense nude flavor, bounce & blur eyeshadow palette presents an enticing mix And shades to provide you with all you need.