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Gucci Eyeshadow Palette

The Gucci beaut des yeux floral eyeshadow palette limited edition is an unrivaled choice to mix and match eyeshadow shades to create an unique look, this palette contains beautiful floral designs which will give your eye look of individual recognise. It is first-rate for both professional and personal use.

Gucci Floral Eyeshadow Palette

The Gucci beauty eyeshadow palette is an unrivaled way to add a touch of beauty to your face, this eyeshadow palette contains over 20 different shades of eyeshadow to give you the look you're after a day of resting, i put on my makeup and try to see the beauty in things. In the eyes of the eye, there is a lot of lid and then i start to wear clothes and get attention, so when i am eyeshadow i want it to make me look beautiful. So Gucci beauty eyeshadow palette contains a lot of different shades which makes it difficult to only use the best eyeshadows, the Gucci beaut des yeux floral eyeshadow palette is an outstanding way for any beauty fan. With its lush green leaves and bright blue colors, new Gucci palette is will add a touch of beauty to your eyes, this Gucci beaut des yeux floral eyeshadow palette is the limited edition sold out shade "verdiant". It is a deep blue and shades everything inside and out your eyes with a soft, blue color, this palette is a practical for everyday use and will give you a beautiful exterior look that is moreover inside looking. The Gucci magnetic color eyeshadow quad in autumn fire 040 eyeshadow palette is a peerless surrogate to create different shades of blue eyeshadow for your everyday look, this palette includes and blue hues for a modern look. The eyeshadow is manufactured of magnetic material that does not left any permanent marking, this eye shadow quad presents a one second in the fill.