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Maneater Eyeshadow Palette V2

The Maneater eyeshadow palette is an outstanding tool for admirers who covet to create and manage their makeup collection, this palette the most adorable eyeshadows in the market. The eyeshadows are designed to create an event with a modern.

Top 10 Maneater Eyeshadow Palette V2

The Maneater eyeshadow palette is back with a brand new design and it is even more mascara-resistant! This eyeshadow palette is unrivalled for lovers who are digging for an eyeshadow set that is both versatile and beautiful, the eyeshadow set includes 16 eyeshadows in 2 sets, which is best-in-the-class for a wide range of looks. The eyeshadow is manufactured up of 5 colors: blue, black, brown, green, and silver which are all top-selling colors in the Maneater line, the eyeshadow is basic to operate and provides top-of-the-heap color with its short amount of time to achieve the desired results. This palette includes a total of 27 eyeshadows in 2 different teams: the Maneater eyeshadow family and the eyeshadow family, there are few new faces in Maneater eyeshadow palette is including a sweet and a dark green with a light blue sheath. The Maneater eyeshadow palette is an excellent alternative for individuals who are wanting for more depth and detail in their eyeshadow look.