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Maneater Eyeshadow Palette

The tarte Maneater eyeshadow palette is a top-grade mix of bright colors that will give your eyes a show, the temptation eyeshadow is produced up of closely-wearing colors that will make you feel like you’re lifting your eyes from the ground. and the final eye staples of gold: the Maneater palette, with its underlying light green, makes for a natural-looking glow.

Tarte MANEATER Palette

Tarte MANEATER Palette

By tarte


Tarte Maneater Eyeshadow Palette V2

The tarte Maneater eyeshadow palette is a must have for any tarte protection series make-up this palette contains over 20 eyeshadows in it, including some of your favorite models like pansy park and tarte's own line of eye make-up, the tarte maneater, the palette is likewise designed to help you keep your work with protection organized and to avoid grainy streaks. The tarte Maneater eyeshadow wardrobe palette in temptation is a peerless alternative for shoppers hunting for an affordable eyeshadow palette, it gives 5 shade wheel options, making it straightforward to determine what looks best on you. Additionally, the tarte shadow brush allows for facile work of art application, the full size tarte eyeshadow palette is the tarte Maneater eyeshadow palette is a full-sized eyeshadow palette that is exceptional for on-the-go exile-inspired users. The eyeshadow goods are top-quality, and the prices are reasonable, the eyeshadow palette is moreover vegan and gluten-free. The eyeshadow goods are also multicolor, which always a bonus, the eyeshadow palette as well effortless to application and doesn't require any powder. Overall, the tarte Maneater eyeshadow palette is an excellent surrogate for on-the-go exile-inspired users, this eyeshadow palette is manufactured with 30 tarte eyeshadows in a confectionery shaped palette that. The eyeshadow palette contains meadow, sour, dark sour, and sweet eyeshadows, these eyeshadows are vegan and are also natural so that you can wear them with love. The eyeshadows are also depicted and have authentic tarte branding.