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Naked Wild West Eyeshadow Palette

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Urban Decay Wild West Eyeshadow Palette

The new urban decay Naked Wild West vegan eyeshadow palette! This palette is full of beautiful, new shades to help you up from the urban wasteland you live in, it's a top-grade surrogate to recondition your eyeshadow look without having to buy another palette. Just pick your favorite swatch to add back in, the Naked Wild West vegan eyeshadow palette is a top-grade choice to add a new look to your look with Naked Wild West eyeshadow styles. This palette includes colors such as "scary time" and "savagehsd" that will give you a dirty look while still creating a beautiful creation, this palette is moreover compatible with other Naked Wild West shadows styles. The Naked Wild West eyeshadow palette is an unequaled tool for enthusiasts who wish to create a stripped down look in makeup, with its dirty eyeshadows, you can create any look with this palette. The eyeshadow begins to vale in with a dark brown, black, and black with a little bit of brown, the eyeshadows are also in high demand because they are difficult to keep safe. This palette is filled with accessory eyeshadows in different colors to give you any look you need, the eyeshadow eyeshadows are in demand because they are basic to keep safe with a built in mirror and facile to close with a key. This palette is further and available in the checkout process, this range offers a little bit of variety including shades of eyeshadow including beige, black, brown, and red. The 12 eyeshadow palette is a little more powerful with a bit more of a black caster quality, it comes in a little black bag with a code for a purchase.