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Pop Evil Queen Eyeshadow Palette

The funko Pop disney villains eyeshadow palette is a sterling surrogate to play up your villains again, this palette includes a selection classic and new built for the summertime. With its smokey eyeshadow shades, you'll be able to create every little villainy.

Top 10 Pop Evil Queen Eyeshadow Palette

The funko Pop disney villains palette is a new eyeshadow palette that is superb for lovers who are hunting for some new and eyeshadows, this palette includes a lot of different shades to choose from, so you can create the look you need without having to worry about where to start. The smokey eyeshadow is a top match for the villains movie, providing a delicious amount of color, the Pop Evil Queen eyeshadow palette is a top-rated substitute to play up all the good against your favorite villains. With a refreshing, hold of the colors palette, you can create any look you need to have in the moment, the smokey eyeshadow is a gentle attempt to continue the look of the Pop Evil queen, while a light smokey eye is a casual release that will take to the road. The new funko Pop disney villains eyeshadow palette is first-class for individuals who enjoy the series! This palette contains 15 eyeshadows, including two smokey eyeshadows, to give you the look of a real villains, with sixteen eyeshadow shades, from smokey to sneezy, it extends it all. But be careful, this eyeshadow offers a sharp edge and a hot dye which makes it hot to the touch, make sure you pull up your preventer before you get any of this eyeshadow hot.