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Rugrats Eyeshadow Palette

The new eyeshadow palette from Rugrats is a top-grade accessory for any cosmopolitan look, with lidocaine and other dark shades, this eyeshadow set will give you the look you need to show your characters from "rugrats do what we do" without having to worry about putting in.

Hipdot X Rugrats Boxed Set Eyeshadow +MORE SAMEDAYSHIP 🕎 7pc
Taste Beauty Rugrats X Funko Eyeshadow

Taste Beauty Rugrats X Funko

By Taste Beauty


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Authentic Taste Beauty NYC Angelica

By Taste Beauty NYC


Top 10 Rugrats Eyeshadow Palette

This Rugrats eyeshadow palette is a first-class alternative to desire or hate the characters of this cartoon series, every eyeshadow is unique and beautiful, making it an ideal choice for both needs or just throwing up your hands and saying "whew! I don't know what i'm going to do" without having any idea what you're doing. This brand new sealed nickelodeon eye shadow palette is an outstanding alternative to keep your eyeshadow look perfect, with 10 colors, nickelodeon funko pop Rugrats angelica eyeshadow palette gives you the ability to create any digging style you want. Made with of 100% natural new nickelodeon Rugrats angelica eyeshadow palette is a terrific substitute for a shopper wanting for a classic wanting eye shadow, this Rugrats eyeshadow palette is a sterling surrogate to add a little pop of color to your makeup look. This palette includes 6 eyeshadow shades which are angelica, oasis, maria, and finally, woodshed, i appreciate the look that new nickelodeon funko pop Rugrats angelica eyeshadow palette gives me and i definitely want to try out some of the colors! This amazing new eye pigment is a beneficial alternative to add a little bit of fun to your makeup! Angelica is a purple angel character with fun eyeshadow shades to create a fun and exciting look.