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Uh Huh Honey Eyeshadow Palette

Introducing the Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow palette! This authentic features a beautiful, pressed palette in it's a fantastic surrogate to stock up on some of your favorite looks & create some new look experiences.

Uh Huh Honey Eyeshadow Palette Walmart

The Uh Huh Honey pressed palette is a pressed powder eyeshadow palette that is terrific for enthusiasts who yearn to look their best, this eyeshadow is produced with the new authentic formula that creates a natural look with no harsh chemicals. This eyeshadow is again soy free and gluten free, so conceding that searching for a beautiful pressing powder eyeshadow that is both healthy and beautiful, the Uh Huh Honey pressed palette is unrivalled for you! The Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow palette is a sterling place to start and first-rate for folks who are searching for a set of colouring with colourpop's iconic eyeshadows. This palette contains 11 eyeshadows (six in the shade range and five with shimmer) that can be blended out to create a variety of looks, the shade range is excellent for getting a valuable look for any event or day out. The five eyeshadows with shimmer have a nice, final result but the other three are more for everyday living, the Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow palette is a brand new, and authentic, Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow palette. This palette contains 18 eyeshadow shades, including the new Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow mix, and is full of delicious, bright yellows and goldenrod shades, the eyeshadow shades are designed to create that rustic, natural look on eyes that is unrivalled for the summertime. The Uh Huh Honey eyeshadow palette is good for any type of face, and is exquisite for use as an one-time use eyeshadow or as part of a more complex eyeshadow design, the new, eyeshadow palette is a must-have for any eyeshadow artist's tool box. With its 9 eyeshadows - all with unique shades of black, brown, viridian, or sapphire - the uh-huh Honey eyeshadow palette is sure to give your eyes a make-or-break look, whether you're starting out or reaching for the stars, 9 pan eyeshadow palette is a valuable place to start.