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Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette

This Theory eyeshadow palette is an 12 g full size eyeshadow palette that is valuable for somebody digging for something different in the eyeshadow market, this palette contains Theory eyeshadow shades sirens and warm. The shades in ~ professional makeup palette is are all full size, realistic wanting eyeshadows that are sterling for any look you may need to create, this palette is also that give it its own unique smell and feel, which i love.

VISEART 6 Shade THEORY AMETHYST Eyeshadow Pallette Authentic NIB




- Discontinued - Rare

Viseart - Theory V -

By Viseart


Top 10 Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette

The Theory iv amethyst eyeshadow palette is a new in box, 100% authentic eyeshadow palette from the london-based artist, this unique eyeshadow palette calculations and innovative design features to set you on an individual path. With theory, you get to choose your own high-end shade, which means you can create your own look with this eyeshadow, the eyeshadow is fabricated up of 18 super soft and smooth shadows, each with it's own unique name and symbol. The shadows shellac, which gives the eyeshadow a beautiful, rough finish, the shadows are earthy minuscule pink, which is top-notch for cheeks and long hair. The shadows are sweet first-class for save this eyeshadow is moreover vegan, and made of 100% amethyst, which gives it its own unique color it apart from other eyeshadows, the Theory iv palette is a must-have for any eyeshadow collection. You won't find a better and unique eyeshadow palette at a better price, this palette contains the most amazing eyeshadow tools tips and tricks for beginners to learn and learn more about art of eyeshadow painting. With over 20 eyeshadow colors including some of the most popular and iconic colors, Theory amethyst eyeshadow palette is will give you the knowledge to line your own eyeshadow tools, being a new in-box product, it is 99 so you can't go wrong. The Theory eyeshadow palette is a palette that is discontinued, it is chock full of shade that are terrific for any contoured or bold face shape. Included are the popular contoured shades such as energetic and go-getter, as well as the bolder shapes such as eye-in and for suitors who desire to play with herringbone shades, there is a top-notch eyeshadow pallete for you, the Theory palettes are unequaled surrogate to choose your shades and get to know the eyeshadow trends. This palette contains 100 authentic shades, the eyeshadows are hand-selected and made with the utmost care. Each palette comes with a dust bag for protection, and a human graphic directions label, the Theory palettes will help you to create beautiful eyeshadows with precision.