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Wooden Eyeshadow Palette

This Wooden eyeshadow palette is an unrivaled tool for the painter who wants to create beautiful eyeshadows in minutes, this palette contains painting tools to give you the power to create beautiful eyeshadows with your favorite colors. The palette also features a can of wood pigment which makes it uncomplicated to achieve your desired results.

Top 10 Wooden Eyeshadow Palette

The flower power eye shadow pallet and brush set is a peerless alternative to add a little bit of life to your looks, the palette contains 27 eyeshadow shades which is supporting use for everyday lookers or a fun birthday present. The brush set contains two soft, tains which make it uncomplicated to work with the eyes, this Wooden eyeshadow palette is a peerless choice to mix and match different shades of eyeshadows to create an unique look. The pigment holder is comfortable to hold and makes it uncomplicated to paint with, the palette also includes a painting pallet that is excellent for landscape or portrait painting. The palette contains over 20 eyeshadow shades that are practical for any look, the brush set also includes 2 brush types for dry or wet brush application. The eyeshadow shades are such that you will be able to find the look you need, this set is a first-rate alternative to add a pop of color to your makeup look. It includes a mix of black, white, red, and green the make-up is uncomplicated to mix and is splendid for lovers of Wooden painting.